Old Days

This is the family of Isaac and Mary (McNabb) Day (Duncan's parents c 1902).  Duncan and Jennie must have brought their children back to Ontario for a visit, and fortunately they apparently called in a photographer to capture the occasion.  At the time of this photo, Arnott had not yet been born and Belle had not yet come to Manitoba and married Rob Atkinson .  Likely Lodice, Calista and their niece Mary weren't married at the time of this photo either, although they are all identified with their married names in order to record that information.

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Lizzie duncan joel calista jennie mary isaac lodice belle mary alma bruce ken rob cecil

1. Lizzie (Ramsay) Day, wife of Joel Isaac Day - sister-in-law to Duncan.

3. Joel Isaac Day - brother to Duncan

4. Calista (Day) Gould - sister to Duncan.  She and her husband lived most of their lives in Calgary

6. Mary (nee McNabb) Day - mother to Duncan (holding Kenneth Day - her grandson by Joel)

7. Isaac Day - father to Duncan (holding Cecil Day - son to Duncan)

8. Lodice (Day) Beaman - sister to Duncan

9. Belle (Day) Atkinson - sister to Duncan

10. Mary (Day) McMullen - daughter to Joel and Lizzie and niece to Duncan

Alma Day - daughter to Joel and Lizzie and niece to Duncan. It is believed that Alma did not marry, but she became a nurse.

13. Kenneth Day - son to Joel and Lizzie and nephew to Duncan)

14. Rob McClaren - son to Jennie and step-son to Duncan. Rob married Elsie Stitt Deroway and they settled in Alberta. They had two children; Alex and Joyce.