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Welcome to the Day Folk web site.  This web site.is intended to provide information and enjoyment to the Day Folks, which are folks that were born, married or adopted into the Day family as well as distant relatives or anyone else who wants to know about this pioneer family.  The Day family has been built and enriched by all of its members, and this site will get better if it is built on and enriched by all of the varied members of the Day Folk.  So get involved!  Please contact admin@DayFolk.com with any corrections, additions, contributions (articles, photos, stories, etc.) or any other suggestions on how to make this a better site.


The Day family can be traced back to Anthony Day who was born in Wales, England but at some time in his life he immigrated to Massachusetts, USA.  It is not know if he came to America as a child or as an adult but his wife Suzannah Matchett and all their children were born in America.  Several generations of Days were raised in Massachusetts until Athony's grandson William Day moved with his wife up to Canada.  From then on, most of his decendants have remained in Canada.  The early Day settlers moved up into Ontario and settled around Lake Dalrymple.  They established pie shaped farms that radiated out from the lake so that each farm had water access.  This web site curently only has very sketchy information on the earlier generations of Days so it really attempts to start with Isaac Day and his wife Mary McNab.  Isaac is the Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson of Antony Day.  Although Isaac and Mary had five children: Joel, Duncan, Lodice, Issabella and Calista, this site currently focuses on Duncan and Isabella because we have very little information on the other siblings.  If you are a decentand of the other siblings or ancestors, however, we would love to hear from you and would consider adding your branch of the Day family tree to this web site.  Contact admin@DayFolk.com to initiate discussions.  If you are a decendant of Isaac and Mary (McNabb) Day you can click here for a picture of them and their family.  Click on the names below to see their family tree.  Both Duncan and Isabella Day were born in Ontario but moved out to Manitoba to raise their families.

Early Days - Isaac Day and earlier

Isaac Day
                Mary McNabb

Joel Duncan Lodice Isabella Calista